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Ubuntu-akademiet iThe Ubuntu Academy in Cape Town, South Africa has for the past ten years worked to develop good football players and good leaders. Now they are also collaborating with FK Bodø/Glimt to further develop this work.

February 8, 2021, on the tenth anniversary of the start of the Ubuntu Academy, Glimt and Ubuntu began a collaboration. The collaboration is twofold;

  • SPORTS: There will be a sporting aspect in focus, where Ubuntu’s players will be able to be more visible to Bodø / Glimt. This is how South African talents in the Ubuntu Academy can get an arena where they can make a living from football.
  • SOCIAL VALUES AND COMMITMENT: The second aspect deals with social values and commitment. By exchanging culture, thoughts, knowledge and experiences, Ubuntu and Bodø/Glimt’s talents can become better at more than just football. There will be opportunities to develop good leaders and role models both among Glimt’s players, but not least among Ubuntu’s players.

The vision and mission of Ubuntu is to develop and educate the next generation of African leaders, social activists, and football players. The hope is the lessons they bring with them lead to healthy family relationships, strong communities and prosperous nations. Already when the children turn 11, they enter the Ubuntu academy, where they are well taken care of for the next seven years until completing primary school.

Get to know the Ubuntu Academy better here:

What do Ubuntu and Bodø/Glimt want to achieve?

Unemployment, lack of role models and father figures have been a challenge in many communities in South Africa. Since 2011, Ubuntu has opened its doors to young football players. They offer elite football training, quality education through their independent school, mentorship and leadership education. Although it would be a dream to develop one of the football stars of the future, their real hope is to develop the players to become good fathers, leaders in the community and role models.

60% of children in South Africa grow up without a father figure in their home.

Ubuntu has achieved a lot for its academy players. The figures for completed schooling and unemployment are very good, despite South Africa’s dismal statistics.


Honor | Family | Positivity | Excellence | Growth

Ubuntu values support everything they do, and give coaches, employees and players a clear reference point to the type of men they want to develop. Weekly life skills and Bible studies based on these values help coaches and players to apply them at a very practical level in life. Each semester, Ubuntu’s award system rewards players who live out the values in society, at school and on the football field.

Success stories

There are a number of success stories that come from the Ubuntu Academy. And you can read about them HERE. It tells, among other things, about Luke Fleurs who in 2019 represented South Africa in the FIFA U-20 World Cup. FIFA made a separate case about it on its website.

In addition to Luke, one can also read about Luto who, after completing his seven years at the Ubuntu Academy, was offered a football scholarship at East Tennessee State University in the United States. In addition to Luto, a number of other Ubuntu ‘graduates’ have been offered opportunities in college, including Alex Van Schalkwyk at the Ivy League school Dartmouth.

The opportunities Ubuntu has created for its practitioners are impressive

The way forward…

In order for Ubuntu to take new steps, efforts are being made to increase their revenue base. In order to expand their academy, more coaches, teachers, and mentors are needed. You need your own facilities, improved infrastructure for classrooms and dormitories. FK Bodø/Glimt and Ubuntu are working together to take the Ubuntu academy to new heights – so that more young South Africans can pursue their dreams. The shared values of Bodø/Glimt and Ubuntu are at the bottom. We want to use the platform we both have to do something more than just play good football!