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This year’s away kit: Bodø/Glimt for the Ocean

Publisert 31. May 2021

The ocean forever, Glimt forever!

What would we have done without the ocean? Should we carry the boats?

For the past two seasons FK Bodø/Glimt has played in green sustainability kits. In 2021 the club sets the spotlight towards sustainability in the ocean. The reality is that, while Glimt play their important matches in this year’s season, the ocean has its toughest battle thus far.

The ocean struggles. The ocean is rising. Ocean littering is a growing concern. The ocean is being destroyed. The prophecies are many and gloomy. To shed light on the problems, FK Bodø/Glimt played in their blue away kits against Odd on 27th May, which marked the last day of this year’s Blue Week in Bodø. For the ocean.

The ocean has always been important to us Norwegians. And especially for us in northern Norway. The sea has been our roads. The road to food, wealth and an expanded horizon. The ocean is also important for the club, through many good partners over time. And our partners in the seafood industry work together to become more sustainable, through our #actionnow14 network. Together they own the neck partnership on the away kit which shows the symbol of sustainability goal no. 14 – Life below water.

Our captain, Ulrik Saltnes in the new away kit. Photo:

Wild, beautiful and blue

Long before the boats went between Lofoten and Bergen with cod and stockfish, we have been dependent on everything the ocean has to offer, and now it is the ocean that depends on us.

The sea is powerful, wild and beautiful. With the world’s strongest maelstrom just outside the front door, we are constantly inspired by the ocean. This is where we get strength and this is where we charge our batteries.

The away kit is inspired by the ocean. We choose to highlight the ocean on our kit because it is the most beautiful and important thing we have in northern Norway. Our city is built around the ocean.  The ocean holds our history, our livelihood and our future. Together we must work to protect the ecosystem. We must learn to reap the benefits of the ocean’s resources in a more sustainable way. We try to do our part and have made this kit from 100 percent recycled material.

The new away kit can be bought in our online supporter shop!