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New stand name: HAVET (the ocean)

Publisert 11. August 2021

Some may have seen our new grandstand name HAVET (THE OCEAN) in the east, and its brand new counterpart BYEN (THE CITY) in the west?

Familiar and dear grandstand with a new name

The grandstand in the east at Aspmyra Stadium has now been given a new name – HAVET (THE OCEAN). In connection with the development of Aspmyra in 2001, the grandstand was completed, together with the main grandstand in the south, which is today known as the LNS grandstand. The grandstands will be 20 years old this year! And for its 20th anniversary, the short side has been named after the ocean, as our away kit and our network for the seafood industry #actionnow14. The people behind the HAVET grandstand are also participants in the network: NovaSea, Cermaq, AQS, Salten Aqua, NTS ASA, and JMJ Invest.

HAVET (THE OCEAN) grandstand on a nice summer day. At the back of the grandstand you can see several of the partners in the seafood network #actionnow14’s signs. The network focuses on sustainability goal number # 14 – life below water.

The grandstand is part of our commitment to focus on taking care of the ocean, which has now been given a physical place on Aspmyra profiled by players who are among those who can do the most to develop sustainable solutions to extract sea resources in a responsibly. General manager of Kvarøy Fish Farming, Alf Gøran Knutsen is known for his sustainable solutions in aquaculture. He is proud of their contribution in Glimt and in # actionnow14:

– Actionnow14 is a fantastic network that brings together the fishing industry as a whole for important dialogue around the future sustainable management of the ocean. Our employees feel very proud to see that they are contributing to Glimt being able to promote Nordland as a region where the maritime industry is important, says Knutsen.

A responsibility to take care of the ocean

Because that is the most important thing we have. Through hits in the network, #actionnownow14 will not only talk about what has been done, but make a difference by contributing to positive development. The participants will explore the issues and challenges we face today, and inspire each other to take action. Because if the world is to be born and now we are to achieve the UN’s sustainability goals by 2030, it is cooperation, development and the belief that everyone can make a difference that will carry us forward.

– We are dependent on the ocean, and our participation in #actionnow14 will help to focus on how to work with the ocean in a sustainable perspective. The ocean is close to us, and we work ourselves to put the lowest possible imprint on one of the planet’s most important resources. This is a joint effort where everyone should contribute, both companies, sports teams and individuals, sums up Jarle Solemdal, CEO of Salten Aqua.

And on we go to the BYEN (THE CITY)

Throughout the year, FK Bodø/Glimt will also focus on cities, communities, urban centers and lush landscapes – towards places people are from, come to and find their own affiliation. Stay tuned!