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17 companies confirmed for #actionnow14

Publisert 29. March 2021

FK Bodø/Glimt’s Action Now program aims to create awareness of the UN’s sustainability goals, and to carry out actions – take actions.

Through the network # actionnow14, Glimt and the seafood industry want to focus on sustainability goals number 14; “Life below water”. The ocean has always been important to us Norwegians, especially regarding food supply and economy, in addition, the ocean has given us an expanded horizon.

#actionnow14 will provide companies from the seafood industry with an arena for inspiration, collaboration, learning, development, and communication, with a focus on sustainability. Glimt has already got 17 companies in the network. One of these is Vesterålen Marine Oil.

– We have chosen to get involved in FK Bodø/Glimt’s network #actionnownow14, because we want to put sustainability more clearly on the agenda. For us who are 100 percent dependent on the ocean, it is very natural to get involved in a work to preserve and improve life in the ocean, says CEO  Stian Frivåg.

As a participant in the # actionnow14 network, you also become kit partners with Glimt. The #actionnow14 partners together “own” a kit partnership, which will be made visible at the neckline of all Glimt kits in 2021.

Together, the network will front the symbol of sustainability goal 14 – life below water and the iconic symbol of a fish under waves. In addition, participants in #actionnownow14 have the opportunity to buy a “commercial package” that involves co-ownership in the stand in the north end of the pitch “Havet (The Ocean)”, a separate physical sign on the Havet grandstand, as well as a joint LED advertisement that fronts the network and the companies with the commercial package.

This is the companies that’s a part of the #actionnow14-network. As of June 2021 a total of 17* companies have joined in!