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UN’s sustainability goals

What are the UN’s sustainability goals?

The UN’s sustainability goals summarize the agreed goals of the world community to drive sustainable development within the economic, social and environmental dimensions.

Sustainable development can be defined as follows:

Utvikling som tilfredsstiller daDevelopment that satisfies today’s needs without destroying future generations’ opportunities to satisfy their needsgens behov uten å ødelegge fremtidige generasjoners muligheter til å tilfredsstille sine behov

UN, 2019

This is UN’s sustainability goals

This means that we cannot use resources in a way that makes those who come after us have a worse starting point than this generation. By resources we mean more than just money. The UN’s sustainability goals also include goals to combat poverty and hunger, stop climate change, lead to stable economies in local communities and on a larger scale, and encourage good mental and physical health. We want to be a part of this, and say as author and speaker Peter Gulli:

Sustainability is about being a good guy, who does good for others

We recommend reading more about the UN’s sustainability goals on the UN’s own website!