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About Action Now

Action Now is FK Bodø/Glimt’s sustainability initiative. The entire club is concerned with the upholding the UN’s sustainability goals in its daily operations. All departments in Glimt are involved in taking Action Now, through both large and small deeds that can lead us to face a more sustainable future.

We hold a place in people’s hearts, which we must use with care. Therefore, since 2019 we have built this responsibility into a system, and started working towards a more sustainable future. In 2020, the program was named Action Now. The club wants to use this program to tell the positive stories through our program.

Action Now is based on 5 pillars:

Action Now is both a meeting place and communication platform for the sustainable solutions of the future. The program is based on the UN’s sustainability goals, and Glimt is committed to contributing to the positive development of the environment and society around us. Both in the short and long term. Our goals are to spread knowledge about the UN’s sustainability goals, inspire the local community, and to encourage action.

In addition to telling other people’s stories, we take our own steps. Then it is important for us that we are credible in what we do. Read more about what we do internally under “Projects“!

Through our work, we have inspired several clubs both at home and abroad to develop their own Action Now program that suits their local conditions. Odd, Aalesunds Fotballklubb and Kristiansund Ballklubb have already started their programs, and more are on the way. We have presented Action Now at the World Economic Forum in Davos, and for the UN on a number of occasions. The Action Now program contributes to the club gaining a positive reputation that deals with more than the results on the pitch. The program gives the club the opportunity to contribute to community and urban development. We are very proud of this, and we will continue to do so “forever”.

We proudly front the Action Now-message on the backside of our kits!